Paolo Albizatti tie + €30 gift voucher

Our first new tie on pre-order, with a generous width and fluid construction that easily allows for successful knots with beautiful volumes.

If you’re reading this, it’s because you’re among the first to pre-order the tie: you’ll automatically be emailed a €40 coupon code valid on our vintage ties.

Width: 8.7 cm
(on the ties shown here, the medallion is at 8 while the floral is at 8.7, to illustrate the difference: both designs will be delivered at 8.7)
Length: 145, 150 or 155 (please specify when ordering). It is not possible to customize length at this price.
Material: lightweight printed wool flannel, 100% made in Italy
Construction: 3-ply unlined, wool interlining(3-ply unlined are normally sold for around 120€)
Made in: Handmade in Italy in Paolo Albizatti’s workshop

Pre-order: closes on the evening of September 6 and delivery by mid-October at the latest

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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Why offer new ties in a vintage e-commerce store?

The starting point: fewer and fewer men are wearing ties (unfortunately), and there are plenty of beautiful vintage ties gathering dust and begging to be worn. The production of low-end industrial ties no longer makes sense in view of the existing quantities of second-hand ties.

On the other hand, we can only praise and support the craftsmen who contribute to making ties in the traditional way, with as many handmade operations as possible.

With this in mind, we’re launching pre-orders for new ties, handmade in Italy: for the first edition, we’ve chosen Paolo Albizatti.

One Paolo Albizzati tie purchased = 1 gift voucher for our vintage offer (€40, €30 or €20, limited availability)

I don’t want to stop there: honestly, I find that going to see a cravatier, choosing a fabric and taking a few photos to make a classic pre-order is still providing too little value (even if many would have been content with that).

That’s why, for your first purchase of a Paolo Albizatti pre-order tie, you can also take advantage of a voucher for our vintage ties:
– the first 10 of you will receive a €40 gift voucher
– the next 20 for €30
– the last 20 for €20

The voucher will be e-mailed directly with the order, so you can choose the vintage tie you like without wasting time.

Vouchers are cumulative: if you buy both ties, you’ll get two cumulative vouchers.


What happens if I don’t like the Paolo Albizzati tie and want to return it? 

Returns are free of charge. However, you must also return the tie ordered with the voucher (any difference will of course be reimbursed).

What happens if the tie I bought with the voucher doesn’t suit me and I want to send it back? 

We will of course be able to make an exchange or give you a credit note, but we won’t be able to offer you return postage and packing on this exchange (otherwise the operation is unfortunately not at all economically viable). 

Paolo Albizzati

In the 60s, Paolo Albizzati began manufacturing ties in Milan for major brands. With his wife Valéria, he gave up subcontracting to launch his own brand, from the basement of his own house.

With hard work and determination, the company prospered untilhe was able to open his own factory in 1975 .

Everything is done in-house : cutting, point making, stitching, finishing, quality control and shipping.

Paolo Albizzati supplies a number of top names in Paris: several tailors (including Scavini and Artling), one of whom is very well known in large-scale tailoring, and a prestigious high-end blouse maker (which I’m not allowed to mention).

It’s also often found on influencer outbespoken (whose work I really enjoy sharing on Instagram).

To demonstrate, the medallion on the left is at 8, and the floral is at 8.7. With such an imposing motif, you immediately feel a little limited by staying on the 8.

A perfect fit for your every day life

Dimensions: a wide tie, any length

Width: 8.7 cm

Why 8.7 cm?

Because that’s the maximum width allowed by Paolo Albizatti’s wool triplets. This width is the tie’s aesthetic bias, and can’t be modified.

The length

I’ve often been frustrated by the slightly too long ties on the Western market (which often go beyond 150).

Conversely, the 145 cm may prove too short for many of you.

So here you can choose your length, a bit like ordering your tie in MTM.

Needless to say, you won’t find this option in this price range on unlined three-ply ties of this quality.

Your choice:

145 cm: perfect if you’re less than 1m80 tall

150 cm: between 1m80 and 1m90

155 cm: for over 1m90

A printed wool flannel, woven in Italy

This is a printed wool flannel, woven in Italy: it’s soft and flowing and slightly speckled. It’s not too heavy, so I was able to carry it without any trouble in Brittany at the beginning of August (where the temperature was around twenty degrees).

You’ll find two patterns:

an assertive red floral medallion, whose size is offset by fairly calm, not too bright, colors. The charcoal-gray background adds a touch of seriousness and should enable you to take it on even at the office.

a simpler floral motif, distinguished by its original colors, with a bright milk chocolate brown flecked with flecks of light that sets off the mid-blue of the flowers.

Unlined three-ply tie with wool stiffener

If there’s one thing I’ve learned after tying 1,200 ties in just over a year, it’s that the number of folds doesn’t matter..

And it can even be quite unpleasant if the silk is too thick (or even worse, doubled up). In the end, it just consumes more materials, so you get a more expensive tie (on which brands therefore make a higher margin).

All that’s left is the argument of fall: in fact, you’ll also get a very nice fall on an unlined 3-ply tie with a quality stiffener, which will be practically half the price for the same fabric.

In short, for me it’s the best compromise for offering you a tie from a fine atelier, with a beautiful material at an affordable price.

Style tips

The medallion tie

This one has a rather imposing pattern, but it’s calmed by pastel colors and a sober charcoal-gray background that give it enough seriousness to be considered in a business outfit.
Here, I’ve chosen to wear it with a slightly textured windowpane suit, whose checks echo the medallion motif. The rendering is quite balanced, with the suit standing out for its color and texture, and the tie for its pattern.

Finally, I chose a shirt with thick light-blue stripes to match the proportions of the tie pattern and create a transition between the suit and the tie.

The floral tie

Its pattern is much more discreet: it is distinguished by its lightly flecked tobacco brown background. This pattern can be easily integrated into a business outfit: that’s why I played it up with a striped double-breasted suit.

Here, the shirt has slightly thinner stripes to contrast with the broad stripes of the suit, but to remain well proportioned to the tie pattern.

Additional information

Motif: No selection

Floral, Médaillon