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What’s the best tie knot?

Behind this somewhat racy title lies a very pertinent question: which tie is the most appropriate? As you can imagine, the answer to this question is a little more complicated than it seems, depending on a number of factors. After all, there are dozens of different knots, from the simplest to the […]

How do you wear a tie with a bold pattern when you’re not used to it?

When you’re used to wearing plain ties on smooth silk, and you catch a glimpse of a beautiful tie with an assertive pattern, or simply a club tie (with stripes), it’s very appealing, it’s a change from the ordinary and it makes you dream, but it can immediately look impressive. Sometimes we even wonder if […]

Ties: which material for which season?

Ties, like suits, follow the seasons and change with the weather. It provides warmth in winter, just as it can be lightened in summer. It may seem trivial, but for those of us who have to wear a tie on a regular basis, it’s a subject we’re sensitive to, and it makes a real difference […]

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